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Senior Pet Care

Your pet's been taking care of you for a long time, and it's important to return the favor! Just like humans, senior pets are susceptible to more complex diseases that can be treated best if they are caught as early as possible. Our regular examinations and preventative diagnostics for senior pets allow us to tailor treatments and recommendations to keep your pet happy, comfortable, and living their best life for longer.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Some pets are considered geriatric as early as seven years old! However, advancements in veterinary medicine are allowing pets to live longer than ever before. We are here to make sure your pet receives the services he or she needs to remain healthy and happy into old age.

You'd be amazed how much can happen in one year. Our first recommendation is to schedule wellness visits at least twice a year. This allows us to catch any health changes sooner. Still, many age-related conditions show no symptoms until stages are severe. That's why we run diagnostic tests along with physical exams.

Senior pets benefit from the following diagnostic services:

  • Blood work is critical to senior health screenings. It checks for any abnormalities and conditions such as diabetes, anemia, infection, kidney disease, liver disease, and more.
  • X-rays assess a senior pet's heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Radiographs also help diagnose and assess arthritis and cancer.
  • Urinalysis checks kidney functioning, and screens for urinary tract infections, diabetes, and liver disease.

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